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Welcome to my design shop! My name is Dana Fox and I'm a Canadian graphic artist and all around creator of many things. I've been in this industry for over ten years and previously owned a successful design corporation for over 6 years.

Envye is my little design shop that puts you in charge! I create premade graphic content and web templates so that you, too, can have a uniquely designed brand at an extremely affordable rate. Browse through some of my Premade themes and templates for your shop or blog, or check out some downloadable fonts to use in your projects! I also offer custom design services and will work with you every step of the way to create a final product you are happy with!

In case you wanted a little background info: I've designed websites, promotional material, social networking profiles, and more for companies such as Myspace Inc., Universal Music, Turner Sports, and many, many more. My client roster also includes big-time artists such as Kylie Minogue, Iggy Pop, Ricky Martin, Twisted Sister, and Lenny Kravtiz to name a few. The majority of my past work was done for the entertainment and music industry if you hadn't guessed!

Why Envye is different.

I not only design each project professionally with standard rules in mind, I also code it from top to bottom and make it easy for you to work with. Blogger and Storenvy in particular are HTML/CSS based platforms, and simply put: I am a machine when it comes to that stuff (it's all I did for 6+ years!). I not only have the Blogger experience, I have over a decade of experience with standard design practices, a lifetime of art knowledge, and am not baffled by CSS/customizations.

I strongly believe that when you're putting your whole brand or image on the line with a new design, it should be put in the hands of a professional who knows their stuff in and out.

Envye offers beautifully designed graphic content at a fraction of the cost of a completely custom design. My ultimate goal is for you to have a finished product that you can brag about!

Why Branding Is Important

If you own a shop or a service, branding is especially important. Branding consists of designs tailored to suit your business "image" and should be consistent among all material. Flowing colours and overall feel will help tie all of your marketing material together. i.e. business cards, web design, blog design, and any other forms of media you use for advertising.

A logo design is what will set you apart from your competition and what potential customers will identify you by. A professional logo design is a small business fee that pays off HUGE if you have it created properly. Logos can easily be implemented into all of your marketing material, on both the internet and on print work.

If you hire my services, you'll not only get exceptional work that you are happy with, but I can guarantee that every piece of work I do for you will be consistent and tailored for your brand.

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