Will your Blogger templates work on WordPress/Tumblr/another service?

NO. Blogger templates (and WordPress templates) are made specifically for their respective services. Due to each site having different coding structures, they will not work universally.

Will your WordPress themes work on sites?

NO. Unfortunately the free and “Premium” online version of WordPress(.com) does NOT allow the installation of custom themes. You will need a self-hosted version of WordPress installed on your own hosting server to install themes. If you would like more information about WordPress, or help setting it up, check out my blog help site at

Can I add my own blog name and navigation links to your pre-made templates?

Yes! Your template does not come preloaded with this content so it’s up to you to make it personal! Each Envye theme comes with a template for your header image. This means that all you have to do is open up the header template and insert your own blog name using a photo editing program, or online using Pixlr. Additional instructions on how to do this is included in your Install Guide! The navigation links in your menus will not be the same as the ones in the previews as they don’t come preloaded. The links will be whatever you set in your Pages section of Blogger, or your Menu section of WordPress!

Can I change the colours of your premade templates?

Yes and no. The templates are created using specific colours and images that generally cannot be changed using the simple editors in Blogger or WordPress. If you know HTML and CSS though, you should be able to change colours and swap out images fairly easily. Please note that altered themes are unsupported by Envye.

Can I change the layout size or sidebar position of your templates?

Each template is made a certain way, which means that the layout in which it was created is how it should be used. Changing the layout sizing or sidebar positioning will cause elements of the template to break. Unless you are experienced with reorganizing a custom HTML layout, it’s best to leave the sizing and positioning how it was intended. I do not offer support for altered themes.


How long will it take to receive my order after I purchase?

Envye is an instant digital download shop. Your download will be available right after you make payment and can be re-downloaded by visiting your order details in your Account page. No products are sent to you via email, so there is no waiting time.

What payment methods do you accept?

Envye only accepts Paypal currently. With Paypal, you can pay with your credit or debit card instantly. You don’t even need an account! On the Paypal payment page, just choose the option that says you don’t have an account and fill our your card details. All payments are processed in Canadian dollars and automatically converted for you.

I ordered the wrong thing, can I get a refund?

Refunds will not be given due to the digital nature of the files, unless an item is grossly misrepresented or not in a functioning state. Once an item is downloaded, unfortunately there is no way to “return” it and thus returns will not be accepted. Our terms of use are in place in attempt to stop “mistake” orders from happening. They are required to be read at checkout before you are able to pay and unfortunately Envye can’t be held responsible for a failure to read said terms. Please be sure to read all product descriptions prior to purchasing and do your research to make sure a product is compatible with your blog/site.


My image slider isn’t working

If purchased a theme before May 2016 and you are having trouble with your image slider in your template, replace this code (near the top of your HTML page):
script src='' type='text/javascript'

with this one:

script src='' type='text/javascript'

Errors after May, 2016: For Blogger users, you will also want to make sure that HTTPS Redirect is turned off in your Blogger settings. Go go Settings > Basic and then set the HTTPS Redirect to “No”.

Finally, under your Blogger Settings > Other, be sure your “Allow Blog Feed” is set to “Full”.

My template’s Instagram widget stopped working…

Instagram recently changed how it operates so you will need to make this change on the Template > Edit HTML page.

Search for this piece of code (clicking inside the text box then pressing CTRL+F will open the Find box):

div data-il=''

Replace that piece of code with this one:

div data-il='' data-il-api=''

and that should do the trick.

I bought a WordPress theme and am getting an error on install…

Your WordPress them zip file is WITHIN the zip file you downloaded from this website. Please first unzip the download to retrieve all of the contents of your purchase, including the Install Guide and WordPress theme zip file.

I uploaded my header to Blogger and the colours are off…

Please make sure you save your header image as a PNG not JPG before uploading. This is a current bug in Blogger that is causing uploaded images to appear darker than they should (i.e. whites are turning grey). Saving as a PNG avoids this issue!

How do I install your pre-made Blogger Templates?

Each template file comes with an easy instruction guide. If you know how to use Blogger’s basic features, you will easily be able to install your new layout! See the demonstration images below if you need a little help:

 photo install1.jpg
 photo install2.jpg

 photo install3.jpg
 photo install4.jpg
 photo install5.jpg
 photo install6.jpg

How do I change the images in the image slider on my template?

Your download contains a TXT file called Extra Install Instructions. Please refer to that file for all information about this.

The date of my posts flows outside of the date area…

Your download contains a TXT file called Extra Install Instructions. Please refer to that file for all information about this.

How do I add my own photo to a profile photo template?

Some of the blog themes/templates on this website come with a custom profile photo image. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, you can easily add your own image by using Pixlr, a free online photo editor. Watch the quick video below to see how to create your profile photo easily:

How do I install your sidebar widget titles?

If you need to hide your current sidebar (text) titles, add the following code to the CSS portion of your site (In Blogger, go to Template Editor > Advanced > CSS):

To add Sidebar graphics (HTML way *Recommended):
– You will need to first upload the images to your own image hosting server. Photobucket is great!
– When they are uploaded, an HTML code will be generated. Copy/Paste the HTML image code (the one that begins with img src=”….”) and paste it into an “HTML/Javascript” Gadget on Blogger’s Layout page in your dashboard.

HINT: To add individual widget titles to certain sidebar elements, create a new HTML/Javascript widget as above, paste your title image’s HTML code into the box and save it. Position the new title element above the appropriate sidebar widget and Save Arrangement.

To add Sidebar Graphics (Photo way):
– click Add a Gadget in your Page Elements page.
– Choose “Picture”
– Upload the file from your computer and save.
– You can reposition the sidebar graphics however you want!

How do I install your Social Network Icons?

First you will need to upload your icons to a photo hosting site, like Photobucket. Once uploaded, Photobucket will generate some copy/paste codes for you to use your images. The code you want to use is the HTML code that begins with <img src=. Do NOT use any other one that contains brackets like this: [ or ]. You also don’t want the one that begins with <a href.

You will need to wrap these image codes in “a href” link codes. For more information about how to create image links, I recommend taking the time to learn about this very basic HTML code by checking this article out. (Every blogger should know this!).

Create a new HTML/Javascript widget in Blogger, or a new Text widget in WordPress. Here is where you will add the HTML code to make the icons appear. Paste each of your Photobucket generated HTML codes into the widget box. Then, before each image code, add a link code as shown below. After the image code, close your link with the </a> tag. Use this structure as a guideline:

To place them directly beside one another, just continue the next code right beside the first with no spaces in between each code and no line breaks. i.e:

If you need help learning basic HTML, please visit my website!!

Can you install one of your pre-made Blogger templates for me?

Sure! Visit this listing to find out more.


How do I install Fonts?

WINDOWS: To install fonts, simply unzip the zip folder and copy the .ttf file to your computer’s main font directory. In Windows, this is C:/Windows/Fonts. It will install and be ready for use!

MAC: Unzip the folder and double click the TTF file to install.

Can your Photoshop actions be used with Photoshop Elements?

There are no guarantees that they will work to their full extent, but it is possible. They are a little different to install and take a couple extra steps, but a quick Google search will explain how it is easily done. The Envye Essentials kit is made for both Photoshop CS versions and Photoshop Elements.

How do I install your Actions in Photoshop Elements?

1) Close Photoshop Elements.
2) Click the download file on the website.
3) Select Save.
4) Save the files to your computer and unzip them.
5) Copy all of the contents of the folder (Highlight, CTRL + C) then paste them into the following location (where “x.0” is your Elements version number):

XP: C: > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Locale > en_US > Workflow Panels > actions

Vista: C: > ProgramData > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Locale > en_US > Workflow Panels > actions

Windows 7: C: > ProgramData > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Photo Creations > Photo Effects

Mac: Hard Drive > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Photo Creations > Photo Effects

6) Navigate to the following location and look for the Mediadatabase.db3 file.

XP: C: > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > Adobe > Photoshop
Elements > x.0 > Locale > en_US

Vista: C: > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Locale > en_US

Windows 7: C: > ProgramData > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Locale > en_US

Mac: Hard Drive > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0 > Locale > en_US

7) Rename the Mediadatabase.db3 as Mediadatabase_old.db3. If necessary, you can revert to the old Mediadatabase.db3 file by changing Mediadatabase_old.db3 back to Mediadatabase.db3.

8) Navigate to the following location and look for the ThumbDatabase.db3 file.

XP: C: > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0

Vista: C: > ProgramData > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0

Windows 7: C: > ProgramData > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0

Mac: Hard Drive > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Photoshop Elements > x.0

9) Rename the ThumbDatabase.db3 as ThumbDatabase_old.db3.If necessary, you can revert to the old ThumbDatabase.db3 file by changing ThumbDatabase_old.db3 back to ThumbDatabase.db3.

10) Open Photoshop Elements. The program may take a while to become functional, as it has to rebuild the ThumbDatabase.db3 file. Do not interrupt this process, it can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Errors tend to happen when people are impatient and interrupt the process. If your computer looks like it has stopped responding, just WAIT!

When it opens, you should see you actions in the Effects panel.